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do you believe in fairies?Seriously Fun Art - Stories in Clay and Colour by Leigh Allan, Originals by LE since 1975do you believe in fairies?


Leigh, Rob & Jack
Leigh, Rob & Jack at Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall. Visit Jack, click his nose

Most of my family are artists so it was probably inevitable that I might do something arty as well. My uncle was renowned watercolor artist, F. Douglas Greenbowe and his son Garry is also a marvellous watercolor painter. No one does what I do. I'm the kookie one. I blame my mother. She lured me into imaginary worlds through books, stories and acting out when I was growing up. We did the teapot with the tiny cups and saucers and plate of cookies and chocolate ladybugs under the full moon for the fairies to take and they did take them because there'd be nothing left the next morning. Mom taught my brother and sister and I about the oceans and explained about space and all the mysteries therein. She also gave names to bugs. Yes, it's my mom's fault.


Today I write fantasies as well as keep my hand in the art. My love of fairytales, the miniature world and the ability to create my own characters and give them life is what makes me happy. Just ask the ghost of Annabel Lee.

I also have two great men in my life, my husband and my dog.

I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Arizona and California. I raised two fabulous children who are raising their fabulous children and I am very very proud.

walking the coastal cliffs of Cornwall
Bossiney Common, Cornwall

Now I did reside in Cornwall England, land of King Arthur, with my husband Rob and our dog Jack. We have recently moved to West Wales and I'll have more about that when I can.
We own Heartland Productions, a multimedia company that makes corporate videos and provides disc duplication. When not working and on weekends we hike the coastal cliff paths of Cornwall and venture into the magical woods both here and in Devon, always photographing and filming along the way. (Now Wales but still visit Cornwall, land we love).

Golitha Falls
Golitha Falls, Cornwall

Between work, exploring and discovering, writing about the ghost children of Ravensbreath Castle, and keeping a hand in with my whimsical creations, I haven't a single moment where I'm bored. Just the way I like it.
Here is a quick clip of our Jack exploring.

~ Highlights of career in clay ~
Christmas 1975
Leigh Saunders until 2000)
Began creating then selling clay miniatures to local shops and the museum in Jerome, Arizona where my family owned and ran the Hergest Ridge restaurant (now The Haunted Hamburger) and Jerome Palace Saloon.
1982 Moved to California, supplied to Saks Fifth Avenue in San Diego
1983 Diane Powers, owner of Bazaar Del Mundo in San Diego discovered the artwork at Saks and a long relationship began. The Gallery at BDM carried my work for many years. It was Diane's idea to turn the standing horses, zebras, cats, cows, etc - the figurines and miniatures -into unique wearble art strung on beads as necklaces and as earrings, pins, earcuffs, bracelets....
1984 Commissioned by Mr. Robert Golden (Golden Hall) in San Diego to create a dozen, 12-inch animal figures: 6 horses and 6 assorted menagerie for a 4-foot high Carousel custom built by Mr Golden.
1985 Los Angeles agent Sybil Roth (mother of David Lee Roth: frontman for the rock legend Van Halen) represented and sold my artwork to galleries and boutiques worldwide for 2 years. She was the best rep ever.
1985 Jewellery used as accessory props in films and several pieces owned by celebrities such as Mrs. Dolores (Bob) Hope; Commedianne Rita Rudner; Shelley Duvall; Richard Simmons (who owns many of my Dalmatian themed pieces); Oprah Winfrey; Sally Jesse Raphael; Telly Savalas; Robin Williams; Mrs. Henry Winkler, to name a few
1986 Art demonstrations in the courtyard at Bazaar Del Mundo - newspaper coverage: stories and photos
1986 5 Galleries in Hawaii: including Sea & Shell and Madaline Michael's Gallery, Maui
1988 Moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: artwork in Coeur d'Alene Plaza gift shops
1993 - present Still very successful with original Phantom of the Opera dolls, miniatures and jewellery
1995 One-of-a-kind 'Phantom of the Opera Doll' commission for actor Wally Wingert in Hollywood
1996 Galerie Noel Christmas catalog: elaborate tree ornament originals
1996 Las Vegas, Mirage Hotel & One World gift shops
1996 Trump Towers - 2 Gift Shops, Atlantic City
1997 First Place award for jewellery at an RSVP show in Las Vegas
1997 Old World Christmas: clay 'master' mold designs created for German glass Christmas ornaments company, Spokane, Washington.
  - Participated in U.S. Rosen Buyer's Market of American Crafts Trade Shows for 6 years
  - Figurines often featured in Miniature Collector Magazine issues
  - Member of Niche's Who's-Who in American Craft
  - My work can also be found in many private collections
2000 Married Londoner Robert Allan who lived in Hertfordshire, England
2001 Webmaster and PA to The Honourable Henry Cobbold, owner of Knebworth House, Hertfordshire.
2001 Artwork sold at Knebworth House Gift Shop
2003 - 2008 Webmaster for Blenheim Palace, England
2003 Moved to Cornwall, England with Rob.
2004 - 2005 Sold artwork at Pencarrow House Christmas Craft Show - 2 shows.
2006 - present Created characters and writing stories called Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle. Produce and sell handmade cloth dolls of the nine Ghost Children as well as miniature clay and cloth versions. or or
2011 - present Create haunted ghost jewellery made by the Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle.
Find Ravensbreath on Facebook and Twitter  For the Ravensbreath Ghost Children search Ravensbreath on Facebook and be their friend or follow them on Twitter @Ravensbreath0 - they will haunt you forever!

See for available work or commissions and great EBAY bargains.
Please call or write with questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Leigh Allan
Originals by LE
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Rocky Valley Cornwall
Rocky Valley, Cornwall


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