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do you believe in fairies?Seriously Fun Art - Stories in Clay and Colour by Leigh Allan, Originals by LE since 1975do you believe in fairies?


Modelling Originals by LE ncklace in Padstow, Cornwall

Polymer clay with porcelain is sculpted into anything imaginable
Sculpting the figurine of polymer clay
face bead on every necklace
Sculpted, modeled, built, crafted - however you want to describe it, polymer clay delivers. It has a smooth porcelain-like texture that is also strong. It allows the most minute details to be captured.
In the photo left I'm sculpting a horse that might be attached to beautiful hand-painted beads like the one in the picture. Or I might choose to make it into a Christmas ornament instead. You can see a close-up of a similar horse on the model below or click here.
All figures are sculpted over wire armature.

Layers are sculpted on bit by bit and fired each time at a low temperature.

First the body and legs are modeled - fired - mane and tail - fired - finally saddle and all the trim.

Next comes the paints and glaze. I use acrylics and other paints and finish with a glaze.

I use very simple tools for the modelling such as a smooth round wooden toothpick, manicure stick and a few of my own specially made tools. Glass beads are used for the eyes and sometimes mirrors and other trappings are embedded. The clay allows a lot of freedom of expression.

Playing Dress-up kitty in action

Many of the figures have a moving part - an Originals by LE trademark, which is built-in before the piece is fired. You will find animated examples throughout this site.


As you can see, the 'Playing Dress Up' kitty on the left lifts her arm to put on lipstick and Humpty baker on tabby back is stamping out Christmas cookies.

Mummy rabbit animated
Betty wears Originals by LE necklace
click for close-up

With necklaces, the "Medallion" (central figure) is strung on an average 15 inch (38cm) strand of hand-painted beads, glass seed beads and other beads collected over the years. A sculpted a single charm compliments the main figure and is added to the necklace beads, as well as a hand-painted face bead beaming a happy smile.

Every sculpture is signed and dated.

Model wears Originals by LE necklace
To the finished Hatter


Click to see the Hatter painted Click to see the Hatter painted

Since 1975 I've been fortunate to have my work featured in fine galleries and boutiques across America and worldwide.

Some of the Celebrities known to me, (though I've been told there are many more, especially visitors to the Hawaii shops where many have been purchased) include: Rita Rudner, Richard Simmons (Dalmatian collector - several pieces) Telly Savalas, Delores Hope (Mrs. Bob Hope), Shelley Duvall, Sally Jesse Raphael, Cindy Winkler (Mrs. Henry Winkler).


Collectors of certain themes, like Alice in Wonderland, Phantom of the Opera, Ravensbreath Ghost Dolls, Cats, Horses, Pigs, Cows Dalmatians, favorite Pets...

Many have extensive collections. Buyers looking for something unique and fun.

Custom orders are always welcome - for example a family pet made into an ornament such as The Dobermans Christmas ornament.


GHOST DOLLS- For spooky tastes the Ghost Orphans of Ravesbreath Castle are quite popular. Take a look. Characters and book in development. or


All art signed and dated. Available to buy now where indicated.All can be made again.

Please write if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.


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