YOUR PET in polymer clay
~ Leigh Allan, Polymer Clay Artist ~Originals by LE, since 1975 ~

Many pieces available for purchase

do you believe in fairies?Seriously Fun Art - Stories in Clay and Colour by Leigh Allan, Originals by LE since 1975do you believe in fairies?


The Dobermans Christmas ornament by LEighe

The Storyteller Spaniel dog by Leigh

Chicken Art dalmatian

Merry Angel clay Doberman ornament


Here is a small selection of customer's pets I've made over the years.

Click photos to see a close up. Please keep in mind these are vintage photos so the quality is so-so. Pictures open in a new window.

(Yes, there are a few Dobermans on the site. Doberman customer ;-)


How it works You send me a photo of your pet and list of a few favourite things. I will sculpt your pet and add as many favourite decorations as I can. Some may be built into the piece as a scene, as shown in many of these examples. Other options might be dangling the treasures off the side from pretty threads or string. It's all in the design and your choice.


You don't have to choose jewellery. How about a figurine of your pet to sit on the shelf? Or perhaps an ornament for the Christmas tree? It's up to you.


And remember that any can have some moving part. What a delight that will be when you demonstrate to a wide eyed child!


Write to me with your ideas and for more information.


A sculpture of your pet for you or a loved one is a very special and personal gift indeed.


Originals by LE are just that - original one of a kind creations made just for you.


Cowboy Jack dog, clay ornament

Mad Hatter on Dalmatian

The Little BAker Dachund by Leigh

Merry mine doberman dog necklace by LEigh

Shep a dog by Leigh
Click to go see Shep

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